OSHA Management


Occupational Safety and Health Administration Management

Any commercial, industrial or civil construction site is considered a high-hazard area that can easily cause injury or death when mismanaged. Workers are constantly exposed to dangerous situations such as big machinery, inclement weather, working at exceptional heights, and possible exposure to hazardous materials. Eliminate risk and keep your site safe by implementing a thorough and comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program with the trusted and experienced team at MSAB Construction Co.

MSAB: Your Central Georgia Health and Safety Experts

Working on a commercial, industrial, or civil construction project will have additional challenges and hazards that will need to be managed appropriately by professionals. It goes without saying that everyone working there wants to know that their job is safe and that they will return home to their family at the end of the work day. MSAB General Contractors goes above the call to make that a reality on your job site. MSAB General Contractors is leading the industry in safety through leadership and management-led safety programs, job site and worker program adherence, safety education and training programs, and outstanding communication. Our team is committed to meeting, or exceeding, all Federal OSHA Standards on our job sites. Here is how we do it:

Daily Toolbox Meetings
Job Hazard Analysis
Fall Protection Plans
Scaffolding Safety Protocols
Ladder Assessments
Required On-site PPE, including head, hand, and foot protection
Equipment and Machinery Maintenance Standards
Confined Space Entry
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Fire Safety
Machinery Lockout/Tagout Protocols
Hazard Communication Standards

Warner Robins and Macon Georgia OSHA Construction Professionals

When it comes to safety, it's best to leave no stone left unturned. Keep your employees secure by implementing a broad safety program. Protect your company and shareholders from negligence, hefty violation fines, and lawsuits by partnering with the best. MSAB Construction Co. will be your guiding light to ensure that your construction site exceeds every OSHA protocol. Reach out for a consultation by filling out a website contact form or by calling (478) 313-2840.