Construction Estimating

Commercial, industrial and civil projects are complex, so it’s best not to leave the vital job of estimating up to a computer program alone. At the end of every project, the number one consideration to measure its success was the ability to remain within the budget. This critical project requirement is best left to a company with years of expertise, an abundance of industry insight, and the innate ability to forecast contingencies, unforeseen circumstances, and timeline delays that all affect your bottom line. MSAB Construction Co. has been providing estimating services in Macon and Warner Robins for over three decades; This type of local knowledge cannot be replicated.



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Commercial, Industrial, and Civil Estimating Services in Central Georgia

Whatever your industry, it goes without saying that estimating your project correctly from the beginning is a key measure of success. At MSAB, our estimating team completes all pre-construction budgets and takeoffs using a number of valuable methods that have been accumulated and refined over the years:

We Save You Time. You are busy running your growing business, and our team is here to help. Let us use our industry expertise and know-how to create an accurate and complete construction estimate before your project begins.

We Are Accurate. Construction estimating is of no benefit to you if the numbers are not based on reality. At MSAB, we have a broad understanding of construction practices and a deep knowledge of market price fluctuations. More importantly, our local connection allows you to understand what permitting, overhead, and administrative costs look like when building in Macon and Warner Robins.

We Are Detailed. The truth is construction estimating needs to happen at more than one point along the way. The MSAB team will create preliminary budgets, feasibility assessments, conceptual design estimates, project management costs, and take-offs to take the stress and surprise out of your next build.


MSAB General Contractors: Your Detailed Estimating Company


Whether it’s office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, highrise buildings, or police stations, the MSAB team can accurately and efficiently estimate your next construction project. So let us work with you to manage your most important investment accurately. Call (478) 313-2840 or fill out a contact form today to have someone from the MSAB team reach out to you.