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If you are looking for a synergistic, stress-free approach to your construction project, look no further than the design-build services of MSAB. This full-service approach seamlessly takes your project from conceptual design through to permitting and construction to ensure a simplified approach to planning and building. So whether you need a commercial renovation, a new industrial plant, or a large-scale government project, the MSAB team will deliver the results you want more efficiently than ever.



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Why choose a full-service company such as MSAB for your next industrial, civil or commercial project?

Cost-effective Design Services. When your general contractor is involved in all stages of planning and design, you can feel good knowing that your budget will always be kept in front of mind.

Streamlined Communications. A project of any type will have to pass through many hands for their contribution. Engineers, planners, architects, and designers must provide their input before construction begins, which can quickly lead to multiple lost emails, missed calls, and inefficiencies. Let one person guide your project from start to end so you will always know where to go to get answers to your questions: the MSAB team.

Process Ownership. Your design-build contractor will oversee all parts of your commercial or industrial project to ensure nothing gets lost in translation and that the project isn’t lost in the shuffle with any one stakeholder.

Faster Delivery. One of the biggest and least understood benefits of working with a design-build contractor is the substantial decrease in your project’s timeline. This is because the MSAB team can simultaneously work on several aspects of your planning, permitting, and subsequent construction to ensure your job moves forward quickly and efficiently.


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At MSAB LLC. we know that building a commercial, industrial, or civil building is no small undertaking. Our team can help you plan a fiscally smart and timely construction project that will tick all the boxes. Whether you are building a strip mall, a warehouse, or a military base, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. Call (478) 313-2840 for a constitution, or leave your contact information on our website.